Project 1: (SAURA) Mainstreaming Higher Education in National and Regional Development in Southern Africa.

Project 2: (MAKERERE UNIVERSITY, UGANDA - A) Investigating Some of the Complex Links Between Higher Education and Poverty Reduction in Africa.

Project 3: (MAKERERE UNIVERSITY, UGANDA - B) Enhancing Use of Science & Technology for Enterprise Development Through Increased Interraction with High Education Instittutions and Research Organisations.

Project 4: (IUCEA-Inter-University Council for East Africa, UGANDA) Enhancing the Capacity of East African Universities to Utilize ICT for Sustainable Regional DevelopmentT.

Project 5: (ANAFE, KENYA) Improving the Availability and Relevance of Agricultural Learning Resources in Africa.

Project 6: (Universidade Catolica de Mozambique) An Assessment of the Sustainability of Agricultural Practices and Technologies in Improving rural livelihoods and farm production levels in semi-arid regions of Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Project 7: (UNAAB, NIGERIA) Partnership for Regional Food Developers Initiative – A Capacity Building Support Strategy for Poverty Reduction in West Africa and the Establishment of a Food and Organic Agriculture Network

Project 8: (University of Botswana, BOTSWANA) Information and Communication Technology (ICT) research, dissemination and utilization in Southern African Universities.

Project 9: (Kenyatta University) Mapping Out Best Practices for Improving Access to Higher Education for Orphaned and Vulnerable Students (OVSs) in Kenya and Rwanda

Project 10: (University of KwaZulu-Natal) NextEd-AFRICA Project: Africa’s Virtual Higher Education Classroom.

Project 11: Implementing the Third Mission of Universities in Africa: Contributing to the Millennium Development Goals.

Project 12: Millennium Development Goals Capacity Building for Higher Institutions of Learning.(MRCI310)

Project 13:
Enhancing the Contribution of Universities to Development Processes in Eastern and Southern Africa.(MRCI311)

Project 14: Transforming teaching and learning in Faculties of Agriculture through the development of electronic teaching content for RUFORUM Supported Regional Postgraduate Programmes. (MRCI315)

Project 15:
The Contribution of Universities in East Africa Towards the Attainment of Millennium Development Goal -5 for Maternal Health. (MRCI 322)

Project 17 : Establishment of Food Science and Nutrition Network for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Rural Livelihood in West Africa. (MRCI 325)

Project 18 :
Scaling-Up Best-Practices in Tertiary Agricultural Education Teaching Through Networking in West Africa: The Case for Experiential Learning. (MRCI 326)

Project 19: Gender Equity in Institutions Offering Environmental Health Programmes in Africa. (MRCI 328)

Project 20: Development of a Framework for the Sharing of R&D Resources on the Internationalization of Higher Education in Africa. (MRCI 329)

Project 21: Modeling rural school based young animators for an enhanced and sustainable usage of ICTs in farming communities of Nigeria and Botswana. (MRCI-SUPL 01)

Project 22: On-farm popularization of sunflower intercropping with arable crop production for poverty alleviation among the small holder farmers in Nigeria and Botswana. (MRCI-SUPL 04)

Project 23:
Enhancing management of natural resources through the empowerment of traditional leaders in the oil and gas region in Ghana towards poverty reduction By Institute of Professional Studies (IPS).


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