The Projects that are supported: The Projects that are supported are from any one of the following:
a) Regional/ sub-regional higher educational organizations,
b) Networks of higher education institutions, including institutions in more than 2 countries in an established research network across the African continent.
The project proposals to the Challenge Fund may cover a range of themes and topics but their common focus will be on the transformation of Higher Education Institutions, particularly in relation to their role in national poverty reduction and in meeting the challenges of the Millennium Development Goals.
Objectives of the Monitoring and Evaluation Exercise.
The objectives of this Monitoring and Evaluation exercise are to :
I. Examine the operations of the project management and their compliance with the guidelines of Programme’s Operational Manual.
II. Identify and document the Specific Outputs generated in each project so far, in each of the following areas:
  1. Information Sharing.
  2. Policy-oriented research leading to policy briefs
  3. The development of policy frameworks for addressing key issues affecting higher education
  4. Contributions to national and or regional developments.
III. Evaluate the effectiveness of the governance and management structures and determine their effectiveness in the implementation of the project.
IV. Assess the cost effectiveness and overall efficiency in the implementation of the project ;
V. Assess the leadership roles of the lead institution and its interactions with the other members of the networks.
VI. Assess the financial records and financial management of the project, at both the lead agency level and at the level of the other members of the networks;
VII. Identify and assess challenges being faced in the implementation of the project or opportunities that can improve the project performance.
VIII. Obtain documents in relations to the project necessary for further promotion of the program.
IX. Assess the Institutional roles in providing institutional oversight for the project.
X. Assess the risks or otherwise, of continued support to the project.

more on Evaluation Guidelines.

For DFID Monitoring and Evaluation: A Guide for DFID-contracted Research Programmes.
For Monitoring ad Visitation Schedule to Projects for Sept -Oct 2009,
The Monitoring and Visitation to MRCI Projects begins in October 2010, see MONITORING AND EVALUATION SCHEDULE 2010


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