Membership Benefits
1.      Participation in workshops and conferences and sharing experiences with other African universities in the international higher education community;
2.      Access to information and documentation on African universities;
3.      Participation in AAU staff exchanges and scholarship programmes;
4.      Listing in AAU directory of higher education institutions;
5.      Serve as short-term consultant and resource person;
6.      Receive AAU publications 

Services to Members
Academic Staff Exchange Programme
The Academic Staff Exchange Programme is desinged to foster inter-university cooperation through exchange of external examiners, staff exchange for teaching, participation in seminars, workshops and conferences and research cooperation.  Universities may use the service to support invitations to staff from other universities for intensive teaching missions, usually lasting between one to three months.
The service may also be used to enable staff to participate in seminars, conferences and workshops in another African university outside their country or to facilitate research cooperation between African universities in different countries.
Fellowships and Scholarships
As part of the effort to enhance student mobility in Africa, the AAU makes available fellowships and scholarships on a competitive basis to support students from AAU member universities wishing to study in an African university outside their country of citizenship or normal residence.
On and off campus Special Issues Workshops
Over the years, the AAU has carried out a number of studies and conducted workshops and seminars on critical issues of higher education in Africa. In the process, considerable expertise on these issues has been accumulated both within the AAU Secretariat as well as among AAU resources persons in member universities.
On the invitation of a member university in good financial standing with respect to payment of membership subscriptions, the AAU will arrange to send to the university campus, at the AAU's expense, one of its resource persons or Secretariat staff to conduct a seminar or workshop on an issue relevant to AAU programmes and expertise for the benefit of the members to that university's community.

Information Exchange
The AAU has a Newsletter: is published three times each academic year in English and French. The Newsletter carries news about African universities and features articles on higher education in Africa. It is circulated widely to universities and university libraries throughout Africa. Member universities are encouraged to send news about their activities for inclusion in the Newsletter.
The AAU News: The AAU News is a weekly service to the HE community by filling the gap in regular updates on upcoming higher education events such as conferences, fellowships, job vacancies as well as promotional information on AAU products and services.
Online Publications
The AAU engages in Online Publications of reports of workshops organised by its various Units. Research reports and reports of seminars conducted by the Association are also published. Please click here to visit the AAU E-library
The AAU’s Roster of African Professionals (ROAP) is an online database that serves as a source of experts for AAU programmes as well as to members and partners, and gives international visibility to African expertise, to facilitate networking and collaboration among African professionals, and to enhance the AAU’s outreach capacity.
Guide to Higher Education
The Guide to Higher Education in Africa is published every two years and contains:
1.      a listing of member universities;
2.      information about their principal officers; and the programmes offered in the universities.
Short-term consultants and resource persons
In the course of the implementation of its programmes, the AAU uses many experts as short term consultants and resource persons to carry out studies and prepare papers for the Association, and as facilitators for workshops and seminars. Member Universities are given the opportunity in the first instance to propose members of their staff for consideration for those assignments as and when the need arises.
Professional Staff of the Secretariat
The AAU has a Secretariat with a small international professional staff of highly qualified people from different African countries. Most have come from senior academic positions in member universities with some on leave of absence from their institutions. The international professional appointments are for limited terms, and member universities are given opportunity in the first instance to nominate candidates for consideration to fill vacant positions as they occur.


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