Fostering University - Industry linkages and Promoting Graduate Employability


Universities, as sources of knowledge creation and technological advancement, endeavour to create and strengthen partnerships with external stakeholders for mutual benefits. In Africa, quite a sizeable number of African universities have endeavoured to collaborate, with varying degrees of successes, with the productive sector. These success stories are, however, either undocumented or not shared.

The AAU’s programme on Fostering University-Industry Linkages and Promoting Graduate Employability seeks to showcase the success stories emanating from partnerships developed between and among universities and their external stakeholders.

The precursor of the programme is the Strengthening Higher Education Stakeholder Relations in Africa (SHESRA) project jointly developed by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) now University’s Canada from 2010 to 2014.

Under this Programme, the AAU is currently running the following activities:

1. Graduate Internships

2. Senior Executive Attachments for Technology Uptake in African Universities

3. Commissioned Reports on U-I Linkages

4. Advocacy Material on U-I Linkages

5. Training Workshops on University Industry Linkages

6. Networking Workshops

7. Showcasing Models of University Partnerships with External Stakeholders in Africa


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