Copyright and Intellectual Property (CIP) Issue

Workshop on Copyright and Intellectual Property Guide and Expansion/Business Model Addis Ababa, 28-29 October 2004

The main purpose of this workshop is to review the documents for the DATAD Business Plan and the Copyright and Intellectual Property Guide. The process for the development of these documents started last year with online discussions and a workshop in February 2004. 

The workshop was part of preparations underway to plan the next phase of DATAD. The event brought together 29 participants, including senior officers, librarians and other experts from organizations and universities in Cameroon, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and the USA.

Some of the issues raised during the discussions include restrictions imposed on access to African theses and dissertations, legal and moral issues of IPR; North-South and South-South information flow; IPR of indigenous knowledge. Workshop participants discussed best practices in electronic dissemination of theses and dissertations, models for self- sustaining management of unpublished academic works, and factors and procedures for developing a business model for DATAD. The objectives and a report of these activities can be found at intellectual-property-governance-dissemination-and-funding-strategies-accra

Prior to the workshop, a group of experienced advisers conducted an electronic discussion forum involving experts and librarians from various higher education institutions within and outside Africa. The main focus of the discussion forum was on identification of stake-holders and concerns about African theses and dissertations.

In collaboration with AAU and DATAD participating institutions, the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), will lead a group of consultants and advisers to develop an organizational business plan for DATAD, a guide to copyright for theses and dissertations, and working documents to enable the AAU to extend DATAD to other African higher education institutions. For details on this see

The DATAD pilot project was launched in February 2000 and ended in August 2003. The project is now in a transitional phase until February 2005, after which it is expected to enter a new phase involving more educational institutions and possibly full-text electronic theses.


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